The wonderful world of subconscious behavior

Looking for a unique speaker for your conference or event? We offer a high-profile and inspiring presentation about subconscious (consumer) behavior. It provides insight into the way in which customers make choices (subconsciously). Participants receive tools with which they can immediately start working with the power of the subconscious. 


The target audience

The session is given a lot at organizations at MT level.


Subconscious behavior

The presentation focuses entirely on (subconscious) behavior of customers. Why on subconscious behavior? 95% of what a visitor does is done subconsciously which he / she can not explain very well. This means that there are even more elements that visitors can't explain properly, but which make them more attracted to the brand or become more loyal.


Consumatics continuously carries out reliable research into the environment in which visitors move, with the aim of making them feel even better. We have combined this knowledge and experience into a high-profile and inspiring session. Participants receive tools to adjust their communication, presentation and / or ambiance, which influences the behavior of visitors.



  • Providing added value because of unique knowledge about the subconscious
  • Discover hidden revenue!
  • A fascinating presentation that is enjoyed a lot



Elements from science about subconscious behavior are fully tailored for you per presentation. The investment for the presentation is 1850-, including preparatory phone call. The duration of the presentation is 30 min to an hour. You can call us at 020-2619106 or send an email to

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