Discover hidden revenues and stimulate your team to reach even higher levels

In a single day, you will become aware of all the subconscious decisions your customer or guest makes and how you can tap into this. Through your own behaviour. Through the surroundings.

What drives the modern consumer? Which fascinating new studies have been conducted in the field of subconscious consumer behaviour? And in particular: How do you benefit from it in your daily practice? At Consumatics, we aim to build awareness of the subconscious. We have a look at the consumer from a totally different angle and work in an interactive manner which ensures new insights that can be directly applied in your organisation. 

We instantly uncover the quick wins!

At the core, we use the Return on Guestment circle: five elements that lead to the highest return on guestment. For instance, how do you make it simple for your guest? What lowers the thresholds for your quests to come inside and what makes your guest stay inside for longer so that average spending goes up?

Would you like to discover with your team how this can benefit your organisation? Let us know if you are interested, then we will let you know when the next training is available. Our trainers are Anouk van de Laar and Patricia Henderson. Both have years of experience training leading brands in hostmanship and sales, and they exclusively represent the Consumatics philosophy.  

Anyone who has taken part in the training becomes a member of the Consumatics network and is offered an exclusive opportunity to join the follow-up training the next year, keeping you up to date with this and next years developments. 

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