Employee Journey

Get the most out of your employees by creating the perfect 'Employee Journey'!

Research (Gallup, 2013) shows that 80% of Dutch employees do not feel involved in their work. 11% is even actively uninvolved, and therefore actually works against the organization.

What is going on here? Why do organizations have so much difficulty getting the employee enthusiastic, sustainable, productive and happy? In addition, employee turnover costs an average of 21% of the annual salary and a large part of an organization's absenteeism costs are related to not being (mentally) involved by employees. In short, it is high time to apply our knowledge of unconscious behavior to create happy employees!

Consumatics is conducting research into the perfect Employee Journey together with Management Class. The logical sequel to the Customer Journey. Why logical? Because the thinking of the Customer Journey is proven successful and because research shows that an enthusiastic employee also leads to a happier customer! Thus, an organization achieves a positive customer experience by improving the employee experience.

We are the first to apply the knowledge of the subconscious to all parts that influence employee happiness. Which environmental factors make a nice, productive workplace? What is the effect of development, salary, management style and autonomy on how an employee feels and how he performs? Scientific research forms the basis for substantiated advice.

By means of progressive research, an innovative method has been developed (the 5C method) to map out and improve the Employee Journey. We proudly present you the website for the Employee Journey!

Now the fun part begins ... actually applying the knowledge! Four practical products have been developed, so that the innovative insights are applied in your organization, with the support of experts.

Do you want to participate with your own organization in the development and to lead the way in modern HR management? Please contact us via and register for one of our inspiring knowledge days!


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