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Our presentations combine inspiring insights from the world of neuro-marketing, psychology and hospitality. They show you how consumers make their choices. Participants obtain insights they can immediately bring into practice in order to help improve the sales environment and to be even more commercial and customer-minded. Over the past years, many ground breaking scientific discoveries have been made, which we have packed into a comprehensible presentation.

Did you know…

that you will sell 3 x as much French wine, as opposed to wine from other countries, if you play French music in your store?

that advertisements en-route to the toilet have no effect? Consumers will be too focussed on finding the toilets. Messaging on the way back, on the other hand, does have positive effects.

that your clients only read the first seven words of an advertising sign

that scent has a stronger impact than signage? What are you communicating through scent?

We offer five inspiring presentations, all of which can be customized to your specific desires and demands.


Consumatics presentations require an investment of 1850-,, preparatory phone call included. Our presentations are between 30 and 60 minutes long, depending on your demands. Call us on +31202619106, or send an email via 

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