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Test environments thoroughly and efficiently through Virtual Reality and our OSQAR consumer panel

OSQAR is a revolutionary new research method by Consumatics. Our Virtual Reality research platform allows organisations to test the effect of environments on consumers’ experience. Whether it’s about new colours on the walls, different music or a completely new retail concept, we can uncover the effects on consumers with more speed and accuracy than ever before.

How does it work?

Your space (whether it’s a shop, restaurant or office) is filmed in 360 degrees. The desired variables are implemented either virtually or in real-life. Different colours, designs, branding, music, furniture, plants, lighting: anything you wish. We compose a scientific questionnaire, designed to uncover the true experience of consumers. The right target audience for your company is selected. The consumers can visit your venue in virtual reality, from the comfort of their own homes, through our OSQAR app an OSQAR VR-viewer. The questionnaire is presented within the VR-environment, making it seem as if the respondents complete it at your premises. The data is collected and analysed. You gain insights into the effects of your design choices in no-time, without opening a single can of paint.

Advantages of VR-research

  • Test radical changes without the need to actually remodel
  • Fast response from a large, representative panel
  • Much larger range than any physical pilot location
  • Valuable metadata of respondents, allowing you to analyse different demographics
  • No risk of damaging your image through physical remodelling. Test first, then implement
  • Not bound to a specific location. Test your New York concept among the Amsterdam public. See if your formula is received differently in Limburg as opposed to Groningen. No problem in VR!

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Take part in experiments yourself?

Would you like to take part in the development of cool concepts? Not afraid to share your opinion? Then download the OSQAR app in the App Store or Google Playstore (iOS & Android). Get a chance to win great prices!

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