Brainsession - Insights from neuromarketing!

Looking for a unique speaker for your conference or event? We offer a high-profile and inspiring presentation about the world of neuromarketing. Young and enthusiastic researchers take you on a refreshing and clear journey trough the ins and outs of the human brain. By looking into the mind of the consumer, we get an idea of what actually moves them. This results in interesting insights from neuroscience, which can help in understanding the choices of the consumer.


The target audience

The session is given i.a. to marketing specialists and professionals at A-brands and large formulas.



Human choices are often based on unconscious emotions. Choices are made far from rational, whereas we often rationalize choices that we make afterwards. In neuromarketing medical techniques from neuroscience are used to gain insight into certain reactions to stimuli. This offers interesting insights for the way the consumer really makes a choice. 


Enrich your event or conference with an interesting presentation about the world of neuromarketing. In this way the participant gets interesting insights into the human, irrational brain. In addition, we offer practical tips and applications so that the participant can immediately get started with elements from neuromarketing. Did you know that a euro sign gives a pain stimulus in the insula? So, no longer show them on your price cards and offers. And that people naturally imitate others because we have mirror neurons?



  • Providing added value because of unique knowledge and insights about neuromarketing
  • Many facts about our brain that you use in your (marketing) decisions
  • A fascinating presentation that is enjoyed a lot



Theoretical elements and practical tips from neuromarketing are fully tailored for your event or meeting per presentation. The investment for the presentation is 1850-, including preparatory phone call. The duration of the presentation is 30 min to an hour. You can call us at 020-2619106 or send an email to

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