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What does scientific literature teach us? Your questions answered through demonstrated knowledge

As an entrepreneur, marketer, formula manager or MT member, you are constantly making choices which influence the experience of your customer or guest. Whether this concerns menu design, shop lay-out or online copy or script for a TV ad. Every choice affects how the customer perceives your organisation. Every choice can impact percentages in your sales and customer satisfaction. It would almost put you off making any more decisions!

Consumatics helps you navigate through this dense forest. With a team of experts in the fields of business, psychology and even neurobiology, and a strong foundation in science, we help you take the right choices.

Some challenges are so unique or situation-specific, that we can only uncover the answers through real-life experiments. Many questions, however, have been thoroughly studied before. It is then crucial, to separate sense from non-sense and to translate scientific insights into practical conduct. This is what we can do for you through our literature reviews.


First, we map out what knowledge is required to solve the puzzle you are facing. Next, we dive into the scientific literature and evaluate and analyse empirical evidence. We translate this into a practical manual and present it in a clear and concise report. This way, you can base your decisions on facts and knowledge, producing your intended goals. 

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