Quiz - An interactive quiz about subconscious consumer behavior

Looking for a unique session for your conference or event? Participants can gain information about subconscious consumer behavior, play a fanatic game and get to know the other participants. Many scientific studies have been carried out in recent years with groundbreaking results. We have managed to translate these into an inspiring quiz!


The target audience

The session is given to business associations, teams from large organizations and evenings for regional associations. The ideal group size is 16 to 40 people.


Subconscious consumer behavior

What is the effect of music, other texts on the menu or boards on the street? 95% of what the consumer does is done subconsciously which he / she can't explain very well. Consumers can not explain certain elements, but it does make them feel attracted to a certain service or product. Consumatics presents subconscious behavior through scientific research. With this knowledge we get started with an interesting quiz. 

In three rounds we will learn the participant about his visitor and how they can respond to their wishes! In addition to interesting knowledge, this session also brings a lot of fun! Knowledge will stay a lot better if you think hard as a participant. As a result, the participant will receive playable, practically applicable insights and tips that he can use from tomorrow!



  • Providing added value because of unique knowledge about subconscious consumer behavior

  • Insight into how this knowledge is applied in practice

  • A fascinating and fun session which will be enjoyed a lot



Theoretical elements and practical tips about subconscious consumer behavior are tailored to your event or meeting per quiz. The investment for the presentation is 1250-, including preparatory phone call. The duration of the quiz is 1 to 2 hours. You can call us at 020-2619106 or send an email to

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