Discover hidden revenue!

Do you long for a practical session for your event? We offer a presentation that provides insight into the way in which customers make choices (subconsciously). An enthusiastic presentation full of photos. Participants can immediately start with guest orientation and their hidden revenue.


The target audience

The session is given a lot at business associations, trade associations and evenings for regional entrepreneurs.

Customer satisfaction circle

The customer satisfaction circle has been researched and elaborated with experiences and advice based on scientific studies focused on marketing, psychology and neuromarketing. Going through the customer satisfaction circle provides the participants with tools to improve their sales environment and be even more guest-oriented and more commercial. The customer satisfaction circle is an ode to the customer. From a hospitality perspective, studies are explained in which the win-win for the customer (or guest) of an organization comes first. An ideal presentation for various branches where many examples from retail and hospitality are appointed that appeal to everyone! Two of the five factors from the customer satisfaction circle are briefly explained below.

Arouse the senses of the customer

Customers experience a product or service with all their senses. They smell, taste and feel the presentation and / or ambiance, just like they hear and see it. How can an organization ensure that all the senses of a visitor are optimally stimulated?


Act fast (perception)

What are the advantages of a quick service? How can you reduce waiting times emotionally? Insights from the subconscious offer helpful handles.




  • Providing added value because of unique knowledge about the customer satsfacition circle
  • Discover hidden revenue!
  • A fascinating presentation that is enjoyed a lot



The five factors are fully tailored per presentation for your session, so that the target audience is on the edge of their seat. The investment for the presentation is 1850-, including preparatory phone call. The duration of the presentation is 30 minutes to an 1 hour. You can call us at 020-2619106 or send an email to



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