Go Nudge! - Help the consumer make healthier choices

Are you looking for a unique speaker for your conference or event? Do you want to encourage people to eat healthier, exercise more or make better choices? We offer a high-profile and inspiring presentation about Nudging. It provides insight into the way in which you can give the consumer small pushes in the direction of a healthy choice. Participants receive tips and applications with which they can stimulate the consumer positively.


The target audience

Sessions are given to parties in the FMCG, food & drinks, but also municipalities and other organizations that want to stimulate us to make healthier choices, take the stairs, take the bike and to leave that double hamburger alone. 



Consumer choice behavior can be positively influenced by giving small pushes in the right direction. Nudging is a behavioral psychological motivation technique in which people are stimulated in a positive way to make a healthy (ier) choice. By making small changes in the consumer's choice environment, you can make certain choices (subconsciously) more attractive.

Enrich your event or conference with an interesting presentation about the world of 'Nudging'. The participant gains insight into interesting psychological processes that play a role in (choice) behavior. In addition, they learn practical tips and applications to get started with 'Nudging' within their own framework.



  • Providing added value due to unique knowledge and application of Nudging
  • Learning interesting nudge techniques
  • A fascinating presentation that is enjoyed a lot



Theoretical elements and practical tips on nudging are fully tailored for your event or meeting per presentation. The investment for the presentation is 1850-, including preparatory phone call. The duration of the presentation is 30 min to an hour. You can call us at 020-2619106 or send an email to


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