Test it in real life! Apply variables and measure their effect to make solid choices, based on science

Our brain works overtime to receive, process and interpret the millions of stimuli from our senses. Most of this information is processed without our conscious awareness. This is ok, as it is handled by our subconscious. In fact, it’s a very good thing. Imagine having full recollection of your latest drive in the car: being able to tell precisely when you changed gears and thinking “mirrors, signal, brake” at every turn…It would be exhausting!

What is the effect of change? Does different packaging change the perceived value of a product? What does new music do to people? Does a change in store design make for a better shopping experience? A Consumatics experiment answers these questions. Practically. Empirically. Enthusiastically.

A Consumatics experiment in three steps 

1. Elements

To observe is to learn! People’s behaviour is mapped through an emphatical design observation at your venue. We also look into the influence of environmental elements on behaviour. The findings are shared with the stakeholders. You will receive advice on ambiance (such as music, scent, light and temperature), communication, presentation and team. These are what we call elements. We will also share which elements are most likely to have the strongest desired effects on your organisation and guests. 

2. Action

Time for action! Consumatics starts implementing these elements in a number of pilot stores. We map out your goals and coordinate and communicate the project accordingly. The measurements are performed. Elements are constantly changing. Something that was booming a couple of years ago, might not work anymore. What is the effect of tablets in a store, for instance? This simply did not exist before. To keep track of these developments, Consumatics is constantly studying new scientific literature and developments. This means you do not only receive the results from our experiments at your pilot stores, but a thorough literature review as well. 

3. Results

To measure is to know! After the elements have been modified, their impact on the experience and behaviour of the consumer is analysed. If the results are beneficial, the modifications are executed throughout the country. Because of our very practical, tangible approach, we have noticed that head offices as well as local branches are excited to act on the findings of our experiments. Do you want to feel this excitement? Contact us via +31202619106 or send an email to

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