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95% of our behaviour happens subconsciously. Consumatics helps organizations making the invisible visible through science-based research

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True hostmanship and the ultimate sense of being welcome for your guests, that is what you strive for! Does your guest experience it that way? What could be even better?

Customer satisfaction / Employee drive

What is your customer's experience? Is everything clear? Is it fun? Does it feel right? Is it more than expected? By understanding what makes the consumer and employee tick, we help you attain even happier customers and colleagues.


By truly understanding what goes on inside the modern consumer's mind, we help you perfect the experience you offer. And this is how we help your organization perform optimal.

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Every organisation faces its own unique challenges. We think it is important for our services to fit your current situation. That is why we have divided our services into three stages from which you can choose freely. This will allow you to quickly gain insights you can implement in practice, whatever your current position is.

  • Get inspired
  • Acquire knowledge
  • Apply knowledge

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Judith van der Star

"With much energy and passion, our project was embraced. The cooperation was not only very constructive but also very pleasant and personal."

Judith van der Star

Teamlead Channel Marketing Business & Intitutions

Wouter Arkink


Wouter Arkink

Daphne van Stiphout


Daphne van Stiphout

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