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The question

1 in 6 residents of care centres suffers from malnutrition. People in  healthcare institutions also experience lower levels of happiness than people living at home. This situation had to change. Albron, Arla, Ambius, Consumatics and Brandvitamins combined their forces to realise just that.

The method

For this study we visited multiple health institutions where several conditions were tested.  There was one where Ambius spread the scent of bread around mealtime. A second room served Protino by Arla: a drink packed with protein.

Furthermore, two cooking methods were compared. One , residents cooked in the living room together with Dinner Ladies from Albron, and cooking centrally in the kitchen. From October 2015 until March 2016, the residents’ behaviour was observed under these conditions in order to map their quality of life. The residents graded their happiness levels and answered questions. Physiological tests were taken, BMIs calculated and muscle strength measured. The chance of malnutrition amongst residents was also calculated.

The result

The survey with over 1100 questionnaires among 154 residents in health institutions focussed mostly on the elderly and showed that relatively simple measures can increase their quality of life. The perceived quality of life for example increased by 10% in the scented rooms. Besides that, people state they look forward to mealtimes 27% more in the rooms where they cooked together with the Dinner Ladies. Respondents in this category also reported to be 22% happier. These results are a significant step forward to better healthcare centres with less malnutrition.

In four locations we focussed on malnutrition in particular. Here, the chance of malnutrition dropped from 37% to 32%. Perhaps most interestingly was that the BMI rose significantly in conditions that combined scent and Protino, with Protino having the greatest impact.

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