Inspiration Session| KHN

The question

Members of the hospitality branch organisation, KHN, meet periodically in departmental meetings and general meetings of members. In these sessions they are looking to be inspired.

The method

Consumatics organised a pub quiz testing knowledge about subconscious behaviour. This resulted in several energetic presentations for the members of the KHN! In this fun activity, participants learn about subconscious consumer behaviour while playing a game and getting to know other members. Our most interesting studies are transformed into a quiz. What effect does music have, or different wording on a menu and how do you create an effective sandwich sign on the pavement? In just three rounds you learn about your customers and how to can anticipate their wishes.

The result

Participants can apply their newly gained knowledge in practice the following day. When we next meet them, they often say things such as ‘we’ve removed the euro signs from the menu’, or ‘I know which meal to place at the top of the menu and I can see that it works!’ 

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