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The question

The organisation creates valuable moments and would like to realize this for people living in small-scale care centres


Consumatics conducted observations at six care centres. These results were combined with information from a literature study and interviews with people involved. The results were presented to JDEP and their relations. Concept developer Pim Pelser of Brandvitamins coordinated a brainstorm session and, using all this gathered information, he created the Carista concept. This concept was tested at two relations of JDEP and shortly afterwards JDEP launched the Carista.

The solution

A Carista is a volunteer who creates a valuable and warm moment for residents by serving coffee and tea with care and attention. They use a special Carista-box for this, which contains games, music and stories of the past. Sander van der Linden, Marketing Director of JDEP: "The study immediately showed that the combination of good coffee and tea with attention from the Carista makes a positive difference. I’m exceptionally pleased that we were able to contribute in this special way.


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